5 Crazy Shoes Invention You Must Have !

5 Crazy Shoes Invention You Must Have !


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5 Amazing Shoes Invention You Must Have !
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SolePower –
Night Runner –
Blinky Shoes – blinky.shoes
MoonWalker – 2016moonwalker.com
SolePower is a power generating shoe insole for charging portable electronics while you walk.

SolePower is a power-generating shoe insole for charging portable electronics like cell phones, music players, or GPS devices.
+Zubits: Your shoes just got insanely easy! Zubits make them magnetic. Lace Zubits onto your own shoelaces & they become fast & easy to put on & take off. No tying, knots, or messy bows. Just a clean look.
+ Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights: safely illuminate your path to run, walk, bike, and hike from dusk until dawn. See More / Run More
+ BASE by Wiivv : a custom, 3D printed insole that uses a smart phone to capture your feet. Your shoes, made better with technology.
+ ENKO Running Shoe : Comfort and Power. Enko is a new type of running shoes, based on a unique and revolutionary technology.
+Shooz: The World’s First Modular-Tech TRAVEL SHOE. MODULAR-TECH patented footwear to Travel lighter, Customize and Reduce your carbon footprint.

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