Apple Watch // Fitness & Workout REVIEW

Apple Watch // Fitness & Workout REVIEW


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Full fitness review of the Apple Watch. This is a smartwatch that ranges in price quite a bit. It comes in three models: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. It also comes in two different sizes, 38mm and 42mm, and you can get all sorts of additional watch bands to swap in and out.

Is it the best smartwatch you can buy? Possibly. Very likely comes down to whether you’re an Apple or Android person.

Is it the best activity tracker/fitness tracker? No, but it’s not a bad option for folks that want a smartwatch and an activity tracker. Apple does a decent job of catering to the fitness crowd, however, weekend warriors and people really concerned about their fitness data should probably stick with Garmin, POLAR, Suunto, Fitbit, etc.

Is it the best GPS sport watch? No. It’s actually not a GPS watch. It utilizes your phone’s GPS positioning and just relays that information on to your wrist. So technically it’s phone-dependent sport watch.

_Water rating: IPX7 (submergible down to 1m for 30min)
_Battery life: 30-36 hours on a single charge
_Heart Rate: Built-in sensor. Can also pair BLE sensors to it.
_Audio: Built-in Mic. Works w/ BL headphones
_Activity app: Yes. Native.
_Workouts app: Yes. Native, but you can download countless 3rd party fitness apps

So…my recommendation with this guy is that you think about what exactly you’ll be using it for. If you’re looking for a productivity tool, it may be right for you, but gen-2 and 3 will likely be better. If you want a smartwatch, it’s definitely a fantastic option for you. Fitness tool: there are better, but still a great device for getting fit for the summer or just continuing on with your fitness goals. It’s optical sensor is largely very accurate, at least for cardio workouts and daily use. For weightlifting and CrossFit, it’s not so accurate, unfortunately.

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