DIY Arc Reactor – Wearable Arc Reactor for Iron Man Cosplay – Tony Stark Mark IV Arc Reactor

DIY Arc Reactor – Wearable Arc Reactor for Iron Man Cosplay – Tony Stark Mark IV Arc Reactor

Materials List:
Black Automotive Vinyl Wrap:
LED String Lights (Blue):
Transparency Paper/Film:
Electrical Tape:
25-Pack DVD Spindle:
Whatlees Mens Hipster Shirt (Dark Gray):
Whatlees Mens Hipster Shirt (Light Gray):

In this video, I’m going to show you how to make my latest wearable Iron Man Mark IV arc reactor. And I’ll even show you the exact two-tone shirt I used to complete my costume. This arc reactor was a hit at a Marvel party I was at! And it was a major conversation starter as I mingled around.

To start out, I did a Google search for an arc reactor template and you can do this with whatever design you want whether it’s the Mark I or the Mark IV but I scaled the template to 4 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ because this will be mounted on a CD or DVD disc. I’ll also use a piece of transparency paper or plastic sheet to make a master template. Just basic tools are needed for this DIY project.

This template isn’t too difficult to cut. It’s all straight lines which is nice. I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy with the final result when we’re done. Other materials needed are automotive vinyl wrap and a clear CD or DVD disc found at the bottom of all disc spindles.

The only lights small enough I could find are LED string lights and they’re sometimes called fairy lights. I’m using a string that has 40 bulbs and they’re not very expensive. But the great thing is that tiny and bright. And on the cord to the battery pack you might have to splice it and add a little bit more wire to it for it to be able to reach into your pocket so you can slip it into your pocket while you’re out wearing your arc reactor.

The LED lights are taped to the disc with the template stuck to it. As you attach the LEDs, just make sure they all hide behind the vinyl so they’re not visible. All we want is to see the glow in the final product. Just be sure to evenly cover the whole area of the disc.

When it’s all done, this is going to be worn like a necklace. This arc reactor is really thin and when I’m wearing it with the power off, no one knows that I have it under my shirt. And speaking of shirts. I bought two dual tone shirts that are roughly like what you see Tony Stark wearing in the movies. The great thing is that these had free returns on Amazon so I bought two styles not knowing which one I was going to use.

This simple costume was a major hit at the party I was at. I’ve listed all the materials including the shirts in the description if you want to do this DIY project. I’d love to hear if this arc reactor becomes a conversation starter for you at the next event!

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